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Are you in need of gasfitting services? In Australia, any work involving LPG and natural gas must be accomplished by a licensed gas fitter or a legal trainee/apprentice under the supervision of a licensed gas fitter.

Our Canberra Gasfitting Services

At Prestige Plumbing and Building, we provide a comprehensive range of gasfitting services that guarantee safety and efficiency. Our licensed gasfitters can complete a wide range of jobs such as gas connection, gas appliance installation, gas bayonet installation, and gas pipeline repairs or replacement. We also offer gas leak detection and repair, together with safety checks which include proper installation practices according to regulations, operational efficiency testing and leak pressure testing. All our gasfitting services come with product warranties fully recognised by insurance companies, so don’t hesitate to call us when you need quality gasfitting services in Canberra!

Prestige Plumbing and Building offer gas fitting services for all types of needs. From installation to maintenance and repair, our team of licensed professionals are highly skilled in all areas of gas plumbing. We provide services such as installation of gas hot water systems, gas bottle connection, pipe flues, meters and valves, and pressure testing for leaks. Additionally, we provide safety inspections every two years to ensure proper burning efficiency and optimal functioning of your gas system. Warranty is not recognised unless an installation or repair was completed by a qualified gasfitter — something we guarantee at Prestige.

With the potential for accidents and unsafe conditions, it is essential to have an experienced and licensed gasfitter work on any gasfitting services.

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